Fete Update


The fete committee met last Wednesday evening and once again the enthusiasm and dedication of our fete organisers is heart-warming.

There were many decisions made and many fun things will be happening at this year's Community Bash.

As previously announced the prices for this year's armbands have been finalized and remain the same as last year.  The prices are:

· Pre-paid Armbands (ie. Paid for before fete day) will be $30.00 – all rides as many times as you like all day!
· Armband purchased on Fete Day will be $35.00 – all rides as many time as you like all day!
· No Armband – all rides are $5.00 each on Fete Day

The next Fete Update will come with the first newsletter next term.  This will provide even more information about fete day. Look out for these great updates!

With the school holidays just around the corner, hopefully you can find some time to clean out some old cupboards or use the time to cull many pre-loved and vintage goods that you have hanging around the house. If you find some goods you would like to donate, please remember to drop them off at the POD on the following days:

· Friday 27 July (8am to 9am)
· Saturday 11 August (7am to 9am)
· Saturday 18 August (7am to 9am)
· Friday 17 August (8am to 9am)

 A HUGE thank you to all families who have already returned books of multi-draw raffle tickets to the front office.  I was so pleased to see that they have already been returned and that more have been taken.


· The family that sells the most raffle tickets will win four (4) ride armbands to use on fete day!
· Next Fete Planning Meeting is Wednesday 25 July - 7.00pm at The Salisbury Hotel, Toohey Rd, Salisbury