Fees and Levies

​​2020 Fees and Levies Information Sheet 
St Brendan's Primary Moorooka DDR

St Brendan’s is a Brisbane Archdiocesan school, offering a quality, affordable education. Fees can be as little as $50 per week, based on a 40 week, school-calendar year. Our school fees​ ​ are inclusive of most activities. If you have more than one child, discounts are offered.


Our school fee policy is based upon the principles of equity, justice, and pastoral care for the members of our community. School fees and levies play a pivotal role in meeting the school’s on-going financial commitments. These payments enable us to maintain the high standard of education and facilities expected of our school by the community.


The School fees and levies charged to the parent body are reviewed annually by the School Principal to ensure that they are equitable for all families and are reflected in the facilities and services provided. It is a matter of justice that all families in our school community contribute to the financial commitments of the school. Full details of our Fees Policy and Process can be found by clicking the links below. 

Outdoor Education Program

​Students will participate in an outdoor education program in Year 4, 5 and 6.  The payment for this program is paid as part of the school fees from the moment your child/children enrol at St Brendan's.  The payment of the Outdoor Education Levy from the beginning of your child/children's enrolment​​ assists families to meet the costs of this program in the later years of their child/children's primary education. 

 Paying the School Fees

·         Accounts are sent out by Week 3 of each Term.
·         Fees can be paid by cheque, cash, BPAY or Direct Debit.
·         Also for ease of payment and for those wishing to use Bank Transfer for payment of school fees:
Account Name (or Reference Number):  St Brendan’s School
BSB Number: ​ 064 - 786
Account Number: 065466001

Account Description:
Parent’s Full Name

​​ ​​​