2022 Staff List


Mr Martin Lewis


​Mr Anthony Lucey

​Primary Learning Leader

Mrs Therese Evans​

​Finance Secretary​

​Mrs Liesl Clark

School Secretaries

​Ms Carmel Fitzgerald and Ms Marcella Fidge

​School Website Administrator
​Ms Marcella Fidge


​Ms Lauren Bittenbinder

Year One

Mrs Samatha Kendall/Mrs Karen Champniss

​Year Two

​Mrs Cathy Eichperger

Year Three

Mrs Sheona White/Mrs Therese Evans

​Year Four​Mr Lyle Nash

​Year Five/Six

​​Mrs Anna Lestani​ and Mrs Catherine Becei​

WHS Officer

Mrs Liesl Clark​

​Music/Drama Teacher

​Mrs Leanne Hodges

​​HPE Teacher

Mr Daley Kemel​

​Visual Art Specialist Teacher

​Ms Donna Nicholson

​Teacher Librarian

​Ms Linda White

​Support Teacher Inclusive Education

 Miss Natalie Ceola​ 

SupportTeacher -​ Intervention 
Mrs Melissa Buchanan

​Guidance Counsellor

Lyn Bardsley

​Pastoral Care Worker

​EALD​ Teacher

Mrs Macushla McKenna

Japanese Teacher

​Speech Pathologist

​Eve Tamer​

​School Officer - Classroom

​Mrs Gertie Auer ​

​​​School Officer - Classroom​

Mrs Kellie Butler

​School Officer - Classroom

Ms Somayeh Hamadani​

​School Officer - Classroom

Mrs Siobhan Ibbott​

​School Officer - Classroom​​​

Ms Carolina Villanueva

​School Officer - Classroom
Library Aide

​Ms Kim Nova

​School Officer - Classroom                             Mrs Meika O'Connell

​School Officer - Classroom
​Mr. Jack Dargan

​​ ​​​