Our Learners Learning

St Brendan’s vision for learning and our understanding of children as learners is outlined below:


  • Learning is a developmental change in understanding and behaviour that results from interaction with new ideas and knowledge.
  • Learning occurs by understanding and doing and learners should be provided with opportunities to put both together.
  • Learning involves action, understanding and performance.
  • Learners can use a variety of approaches to learn and the best learning occurs when learners are presented with opportunities that best suit their type of intelligence.
  • Intelligence can be developed and can be exhibited in many ways.
  • Learning involves using language to talk about language (metalanguage)
  • Learning is an active process and is a social activity
  • Learning involves taking risks
  • Learning is enhanced when feedback is timely, supportive, constructive and instructive
  • Learning is contextual and needs prior knowledge upon which to base further learning. It takes time to learn with plenty of time for re-examination according to individual characteristics.
  • Motivation is a key component in learning - learning should be interesting and challenging


  • Learners make their own meaning by building on knowledge and skills
  • Cooperative learning skills need to be taught and developed
  • Learners need to use generic learning structures
  • Learners need the opportunity to express their learning in different ways which leads to craftsmanship and pride in achievement - individual attitudes and values should be acknowledged and valued
  • Learners need to be equipped for a future of continuous discovery and change
  • Learners need to be producers of their own knowledge and products and to be self-directed
  • Learners learn in an environment where self-esteem is nurtured