Catholic Identity

​​​​​​​Live in Faith and Love

As a Catholic learning community, St Brendan’s Primary​​ School aspires to educate all children about Jesus Christ, based within the charism of the Josephites, so they might grow to be successful, creative, confident and active people empowered to shape and enrich our world through the values of Faith, Community, Courage and Excellence.

Religious Education in our school:

  • provides one means by which students are assisted to develop their spiritual and moral capabilities.
  • heightens students awareness of the mystery which permeates life.
  • helps students to grow in their knowledge and understanding of God.
  • helps students to develop moral sensitivities and sense of responsibility.
  • helps students to develop self-worth.
  • helps students to communicate on religious matters
  • helps students to appreciate the Catholic religous heritage and religious heritage of others.
  • helps provide students with opportunities to engage in practical projects designed to promote and support a just society. ​​