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St Brendan's Primary School's "Get Set for Prep" is FREE, weekly program designed to make the journey into Prep smooth and exciting for Pre-Prep children and their families. Our program, led by experienced Early Learning Teachers, is here to ensure your little ones feel empowered and ready to embrace their first formal learning adventure with confidence.

Weekly sessions commence

Wednesday 24 April, 9.15am - 10.30am


Why 'Get Set for Prep'?​

Expert-Led Learning

Guided by a qualified Early Learning Teacher, your child will dive into play-based activities focusing on essential pre-numeracy and literacy skills. Our program is tailored to meet the developmental needs of young learners, ensuring they gain the foundational skills necessary for success in Prep and beyond.

Social Connections

We believe in the power of friendship and community. "Get Set for Prep" gives children the chance to connect with future classmates, fostering a sense of belonging and reducing any anxiety about starting school. This nurturing environment encourages positive social interactions and helps build important communication skills.

Familiar Faces and Places

Introducing children to teachers and the school environment early on makes the transition to Prep less daunting. Our program includes visits to classrooms and play areas, helping children feel at home in their new school surroundings.​

Parental Guidance

Parents are integral to their child's educational journey. Our educators provide expert advise and practical tips to empower you to support your child's learning and development effectively.​

A Smooth Start

Our comprehensive approach addresses academic, social, and emotional aspects, ensuring a seamless transition to Prep for both children and parents.​ Children who participate in our program are known to adapt more readily to the routines and expectations of formal schooling.​

The program is open to all Pre-Prep aged children and their families, regardless of whether they are enroled at St Brendan's. Register today to give your child the best possible start to their schooling journey. ​

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P. 07 3275 2081