School Policies and Procedures


Brisbane Catholic Education provides leadership and support to Catholic schools in policy formulation and implementation. Policy in Catholic schools is made in the context of policies and guidelines promulgated by the Education Board of Governance, Diocese of Brisbane, the provisions of Canon Law and government legislation relevant to the operation of schools.

To view these policies, please visit the relevant sections of the Brisbane Catholic Education webpage:

Student, Parent and Guardian Complaints Management Flow Chart.pdf

Student, Parent And Guardian Complaints Management Factsheet.pdf

St Brendan's Catholic Primary School Student Behaviour Support Plan 2024.pdf

CYRMS St Brendan's Primary School 2023-2024.pdf

PLEASE NOTE: The policies of Brisbane Catholic Education Services in the Brisbane Diocese apply to St Brendan's Primary School, and where there is any inconsistency between these policies and the specific school policies implemented with respect to St Brendan's  Primary School, the policies of Brisbane Catholic Education policies will prevail to the extent of any inconsistency.​​