Parents and Friends Association


One of the best things about St Brendan's is its small but close, welcoming and supportive community.

The Parents & Friends Association (P&F) is one of the most important ways parents can share in this partnership. By providing mutual support, information and involvement, we build a community where our children learn and develop their values.  

The role of the P&F is to:

  • Provide a forum for discussion with the principal, staff and other parents through monthly meetings;
  • Foster and strengthen community spirit by holding regular social functions and
  • Raise funds to improve the facilities and resources that our children use in their daily learning.​

As well as helping in the children's education, the P & F also provides an important avenue for adult group and social activity. It gives our community an opportunity to share the company of adults, to form relationships through involvement in worthwhile activities, and help people meet one another. 

Parents and carers are invited to become active P&F Association members by attending regular meetings. Do not hesitate to contact the school for more information on the P&F and meeting times.


Parent & Volunteer Code of Conduct


For more information on the role of the Parent and Friends Association, please visit Catholic School Parents Queensland


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